Shopping List

  1. Your puppy has been eating Smallbatch dog Raw Frozen Dog Food.  They have been eating the beef patties.  Please have these on hand when you bring your puppy home.  You can purchase it at Pet Food Express.  
  2. We recommend crate training for your puppy. The Precision intermediate size double door dog crate with divider is a great one.  The Amazon 36 inch basics double door folding metal dog kennel with optional divider panel is another option. The divider is important so you can cut the crate size in half while they are puppies and then take it out as they grow.  We also like the Diggs Dog crates. The Revol medium crate is what we use in our puppy nursery.
  3. Ultra-plush dog bed crate inserts for the inside of the crate. Sizes can be ordered to fit crate. Midwest homes for pets are machine washable and dryer safe. Available at Amazon.  Midwest dog pet bolster bed also work great in the crates.
  4. Pet Dreams Breathable Crate Cover 
  5. Stainless steel dog food/water bowl with anti-slide bottom.
  6. Toys,Toys,Toys! Lots of toys for your puppy to play and chew on. Teething toys like Puppy Kong toys are great. Nyla bone chewing toys are great for teething also. Squeaky toys and balls to chase are also so fun!  Homegoods is a great place to finds toys!
  7. Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy
  8. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Puppy Hide N’ Slide Green Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy
  9. Hyper Pet Doggie Pal Crab
  10. Pet play pen. Precision med/large pet playpen available at or Amazon or the Amazon basics exercise and playpen. Recommended 36-inch height.
  11. LAOZZ Dog Playpen Cover Sun/Rain
  12. Collar and leash.
  13. Gentle puppy shampoo – Bobbi Panter Natural Puppy Dog Shampoo.
  14. Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Dog Towel
  15. We Love Doodles Slicker Brush
  16. Happy Puppy Dog Grooming Shears/Scissors 
  17. Snuggle Puppy!  Amazon
  18. Snuggle Puppy Heat Packs
  19. Adjustable Snuffle mat
  20. Recommended Books and reading: The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook, Betsy Brevitz, D.V.M. (Amazon), The Puppy Primer, Patricia B. McConnell PHD (Amazon), The Dog Behavior Answer Book, Arden Moore (Amazon), Whole Dog Journal (
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